Got the Job and still Losing weight! Alhamdulillah

7:14 PTG

Assalamualaikum wbt
hai korang. im so exhausted and excited right now. Because being so exhausted, running there and here. driving all around Kuching. Then at last, having a good news that im have been chosen to be one part of the team. wah.. ! sekarang sudah ada 2 team ma. satu herbalife and satu ex.treme Dimension. hope this two can help me to reach mu goal that i have stated beside there.
Isnin ni dah start kerja. tapi esok, i got appointment with one uncle that i meet at Boluevard. hurmmm, apa kes nk jumpa pakcik tok? sik pa, ne tauk nya ada part time job kan.. aih?speaking sarawak dah. sory guys.. hari ni banyak cakap omputeh, so lidah aku still lagi pelat omputeh. tu yang entry banyak speaking.
Therefor, next Monday i will start my job and start training. How to do marketing. ok, hope this job will be permanent and can help me and my family in financial. ok peeps, thats all. nak mandi dulu. hope korang kalo jumpa aku di Spring or Boluevard, jangan segan nak tegur ok.. :)
see you,,, and
For Your Info: i've lost 2 kg for today. huahahahah.. walaupun makan banyak, tapi banyak jugak pembakaran dalam badan. thankz to Tea Mix from herbalife. My current weight is 67kg. need to lost another 2-5 kg. to have my ideal weight.
so? dont wait too long to lose up your weight, while working. ok?

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